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New Dimensions Precision Machining and PartMaker

Union, Illinois manufacturer uses cutting-edge programming and PartMaker CADCAM software from Delcam to run its Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS) and Makino CNC machines and make complicated parts for the hydraulic control industry. Video by Ken Schreiner, ProBusiness Video, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Makino a51nx

Makino a51nx 40 tapper cell (5 machines). D2 high speed tool path s12000 f350. 1/2 3 flute end mill helix bore to 3/4 deep roughing out pocket sweet tool path saves a lot of time

Makino a51nx roughing part

Makino a51nx roughing a part out 2" cutter 12000 rpm with a feed of 200 ipm with .200 ramp. I think she can do a little more:)


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2A-Armament Makino PS-95 Vertical/4th Axis

Overview of our Makino PS-95 while making a railed hand guard from bar stock.

Manifold Manufacture at Willis Machine with Delcam FeatureCAM

Willis Machine designer Larry VanCleve is amazed by how easily FeatureCAM enables him to machine manifolds on a Makino a51nx 5-axis machine.To find out more:Visit our website: Visit our Product Learning Zones: us on Facebook:...

Mathews - GibbsCAM Tombstone Machining

This video highlights Mathews Inc. and their use of GibbsCAM Tombstone Management System (TMS) to manufacture components for their archery components.All Mathews metal components are machined from aluminum, and 75% of the machined components, like this limb cup, which connects riser to limb on...

Closed Loop: Automated manufacturing and quality control

Through intelligent communication of a machining center with an integrated measurement sensor Alicona Manufacturing has created self-regulated production and quality control in situ. The „Closed Loop Manufacturing Machine" produces miniaturized EDM components with also complex geometries. These...

Making of GR6 6 GEAR SHIFT FORK for GT-R with MAKINO CNC

Making of GR6 6 GEAR SHIFT FORK for GT-R with MAKINO CNC by our team!The all kit of 5 shift fork and 2 Selector Fork Shaft coming soon, with some F1 tecnology, no more "Gear Bearing failure".

Makino E33 graphite high speed milling

Cutting fine grain graphite on our 2007 Makino E33 high speed machining center.Go to for more stuff!

Makino PS 95

CNC 3D milling of the molding face of a core block

Makino A92

2013 makino mcc 2013 vg

Makino A77

Milling and Drilling

Makino A61nx LPI Tool Setter

makino D500 film

Makino demonstreerde op donderdag 2 juli jl. in Kirchheim/Teck (D) het verspanen van titaan en de mogelijkheden van het vijf-assige bewerkingscentrum D500 (film).zie ook:

Makino using renishaw probe

Short run job where fixturing the part for location would be difficult. Thus updating this forging's work coordinates via probing is the quickest/easiest route.

Makino D500 Machining Fuchs Porsche Wheels 2.3GP

Makino D500 Machining Fuchs Porsche Wheels 2

Makino A51NX basic operation ride along.

GoPro Hero2 Attached to top of tombstone pallet showing basic function of Makino A51NX Horizontal and MMC2 changer. Cutting work holding for project.



Machining Hypertune 2JZ Runners on Makino A55e

The addition of a Makino A55e Horizontal Machining Center is allowing us to significantly increase production of our billet machined parts. The machine is equipped with a pallet changer which allows continuous operation eliminating downtime. Specifications:Max RPM : 14,000Spindle Power: 30hpRapid...

Hard Pocket Milling

Techniques for milling an accurate slide pocket in A2 tool steel hardened to 60 HRc (Rockwell). Relieved cutters with a corner radius are key to success, as well as high accuracy end mills made to a close tolerance. Avoid trapping the tool in corners, and mill a radius bigger than the cutting...

Titanium Bracket Milled on a Makino PS 95

Titanium Bracket on Techni-Grip Cut using a Makino PS 95

Haas vs Makino

Showing a direct comparison between a Haas VM3 and a Makino PS95 regarding spindle horsepower and torque.More comparisons to come in the future...

Haas vs Makino part 2

Comparing the performance of the Haas VM3 and the Makino PS95 in high speed roughing. The Haas will not feed any faster than 500 ipm so the program had to be modified accordingly. The Makino is roughing at 800ipm with positioning feed moves at 1100ipm. The Haas ran into chatter at 500 ipm but...

Roughing Cycle on A51NX

Roughing Cycle on the Makino A51NX in 4140 bar stock.

Experience Prestige Mold

INNOVATIVE PARTNERS. GLOBAL SOLUTIONS.For generations, Prestige Mold has been the global manufacturing leader of the highest-quality, competitively-priced precision injection molds. Supported by revolutionary technology and expert personnel, our success sets the standard for mold manufacturing...

Makino Micro Drilling with 50 Micron Twist Drill

One of the fine hole machining technologies used by Makino is micro drilling, which involves mechanical drilling with ultra precision tooling and spindle technologies. Micro drilling can achieve the smallest diameter hole of 0.006 mm (0.00024 in), practical achievable aspect ratios of 15:1,...

Element Case Vapor COMP

With the same slim profile as the ground breaking Vapor 4, the Vapor COMP goes even further by offering larger accessory ports, improved ergonomics and a polycarbonate cap to maximize RF (radio frequency) performance.The monochromatic color scheme of the translucent cap against the brilliant...

Stanley Engineering - Makino MMC2 Expandable Production Cell

We are pleased to announce the addition of a Makino MMC2 expandable production cell to our list of capabilities.Equipped with 39 500mm pallets with rail guided high speed delivery vehicle and central cell controller - Multiple A61 Makino Horizontal Machining Centers with Pro5-Fanuc Control...

Tough times call for new capabilities

Cavalier Tool & Manufacturing invested in a Makino a92 horizontal machining center in order to retain hardened material machining the company had been outsourcing. This video overview is presented as an online complement to Cutting Tool Engineering magazine's April 2011 cover story, "Take Back...